The brand Galetti was born in Milan in 1920 into a family of entrepreneurs who decide to use the surname of the famous cyclist Carlo Galetti, winner of 3 tours of Italy for the production of cycles.

There isn’t news of the production that was obviously very limited in the 20s and 30s of last century, but you are sure of the fact that the bikes were almost 2 catalogue, walking in the male and female version.

The activity continues until the Second World War, after which, like many other small businesses closed.

You have certain and documented that bicycles Galetti return on the Italian market during the twenty-fourth edition of EICMA in Milan. In this edition are proposed walking man, woman, and 2 sports and a racing version equipped with Campagnolo gear race two levers.

In the 1952 the brand was acquired by the family of Rossano Alessi, who always following the elegant style that has always characterized the bikes Galetti continues the production of such broadening its customer base.

In 1973, the Alessi family receives the gold medal for “Graziella more elegant.”

The brand is owned by the Alessi family until 2001 when it was sold at the company Galetti Cycles Ltd..

Nearly a hundred years of presence on the market Galetti overlooks the customers with products replica models of the 50s and 60s that the brand produced.

Models completely designed and hand made in Italy as they produced a time, with the use of steel Columbus and the highest quality components.
The care and attention to every single bike, make it so unique product of its kind, as if to make them collectibles.