In the collection 50s version was considered the most beautiful Galetti racing bicycles.
The particular colour blue, the evident chrome on the frame and fork, the thread by handmade make
this bike a unique masterpiece, has been carefully restored in the single speed version or race version.
Size avaible:52-54-56-58


Freme: Columbus Spirit.Tubing set.Handworks lugs welded with silver basic system.
All the frame and fork are chrome.Handwork paint.
Handlebar: Alloy Galetti by Cinelli
Stem: Alloy Galetti by Cinelli
Attacco manubrio:Alluminio Galetti by Cinelly
Seatpost: Galetti d.27,2 alloy
Saddle: Brooks B17
Transmission: Single speed
Brakes: alloy race model
Wheels: Mavic with Miche flip-flop hubs
Tires: Michelin Dynamic Sport 700×25